Winslow Road Bridge

Winslow_Rd_Bridge(2)_3x2Winslow_Rd_Bridge(1)_3x2The purpose of the Winslow Road Bridge project in northern Marion, Iowa was to convert a rural county road to a road that will serve a more urban development. The existing gravel surface road crossed Indian Creek at an old pony truss bridge structure. The one-lane bridge was embargoed
for truck traffic, including emergency vehicles, which presented an inconvenience to residents. The bridge was on a major route to the Hunter’s Ridge Golf Course development and a second access was needed from the City of Marion. In addition, the bridge would become inundated during significant storm events, and Linn County would have to close the bridge and road on those occasions.

The existing one-lane bridge was situated at a right angle to the creek, and the road curved severely to meet both sides of the bridge. A wooden bridge was constructed as a temporary structure as the City of Marion has plans to construct a future arterial and bridge which would replace this structure. The gravel road created dust and traffic noise associated with slowing and turning to drive across the bridge. The project straightened the curved sections of road and provided a two-lane bridge that could accommodate all legal truck traffic.

Award 2004 ACEC Grand Conceptor Award – FIRST PLACE
Cost $500,000
Completed 2003
Scope Timber bridge to reduce cost until major arterial crossing is made