Scott Community College Roadway

Scott_Community_College_Roadway_Phase4(1)_3x2 Scott_Community_College_Roadway_Phase4(3)_3x2 Scott_Community_College_Roadway_Phase4(4)_3x2The Eastern Iowa Community College District approved reconstruction of the existing campus access road along the west and south sides of the Scott Community College campus. The purpose of this project was to replace and widen the existing PCC pavement that was constructed in the 1960’s and was showing significant deterioration.  This new work was accomplished without seriously affecting access to the campus facilities once a second campus access had been constructed extending to State Street (US 67).

The project included reconstruction of approximately 2900 lineal feet of Portland cement concrete pavement for the existing access road.  The project also included the addition of a more extensive storm sewer system, an 8-foot wide sidewalk, roadway lighting adjacent to the reconstructed roadway, the expansion of an existing detention basin, and the creation of a new detention basin.  Also, included was the extension of an existing 72-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe culvert.

The project included control surveys, topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and base mapping; geotechnical investigations (by sub consultant), development of preliminary check, and final plans. Preparation of easement exhibits and public relations efforts including public open houses, construction staking, construction administration, and construction observation were also provided by Ament Design.

Project construction was completed in 2011.  It was funded with State of Iowa Transportation Community and System Preservation (TCSP) grant funding and local revenue bonds. Approximate construction cost was $1,650,000.

Location Bettendorf & Riverdale, Iowa

Project Roadway Reconstruction

Size 2900 lineal feet of paving

  • Services
  • Design Surveys
  • Civil Design
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Easement Exhibits
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Key Project Features
  • Roadway Widening
  • Improved Storm Sewer System
  • Sidewalk
  • Box Culvert Extension
  • Detention Basin Expansion
  • Detention Basin Creation Improved Roadway Lighting

Cost $1.635 Million