MetroLINK Metropolitan Bus System

MetroLINK_3x2Ament was part of the design team for the new MetroLINK Transit Maintenance Facility.  The new 140,000 square foot facility will be constructed on a 10-acre site located in Rock Island, Illinois.  The new $34 Million transit facility will be a modern ‘green’ building and will increase efficiency and improve functions in one sustainable space.

Ament provided surveys and site engineering services.  The project includes a 108 vehicle parking lot for employees and visitors, design of transit bus access roads and staging lanes, and extension of water main and sanitary sewer.  Due to water system pressures that were too low to allow operation of the buildings fire suppression system a water loop was constructed around the building to boost system pressures.  Additionally the building included a compressed natural gas fueling station.

We also provided design for a storm water collection system.  The storm sewer collection system incorporated bio-swales in the parking lot and a detention basin along the south side of the building.   The project is scheduled to be LEED Silver Certified.

Location: Rock Island, Illinois

Project: MetroLINK Transit Maintenance Facility

Size: 140,000 SF Building, 10 AC Site


  • Surveying
  • Civil Design
  • Permitting

Client: MetroLINK, Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit


LEED Silver Goal

Bioswales with on-site detention

Construction Cost: $34 Million