Linn County Courthouse

Linn_County_4th_Floor_Coutrooms(1)_3x2Linn_County_4th_Floor_Coutrooms(2)_3x2 Linn_County_Courthouse(1)_3x2Construction Cost: $7.9 Million

Project Completion: October 2011

Project Size: 68,000 SF

The project included the remodeling of approximately 19,000 square feet of the courthouse basement area into eight new courtrooms better suited to the needs of the court. All design work was coordinated with a State Historic Preservation Officer. The county attorney’s offices, meanwhile, were renovated with new finishes, added security features and furnishings meant to improve efficiency and the working environment. Approximately 5,500 square feet of building area was affected. Both projects were designed, bid and completed in 4 1/2 months while the building and most spaces were continuously occupied.