Lafayette Road Bridge

Lafayette_Rd_Bridge(1)_3x2 Lafayette_Rd_Bridge(2)_3x2The old Lafayette Road Bridge connecting the cities of Elk Run Heights and Evansdale, Iowa dated from the 1930s, and was near the top of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s (DOT) bridge replacement list. This meant that the Iowa DOT would cover 80 percent of the cost of replacing the bridge (up to $1 million), and the two cities would divide the remaining cost. The City of Elk Run Heights contracted with Ament Design for a variety of services to complete the project, including design surveys, construction administration, construction observation, and design. The new visually appealing 130’ x 48’ concrete bridge is twice as wide as the old bridge, and will be less costly to maintain. The new bridge also enhances safety and accessibility for both communities.


Cost $800,000
Completed 2005
Size 130’ X 48’
Scope Replacement of existing 1930’s bridge