Kirkwood Community College – Equestrian Building Addition

KCC_Equestrian_1_3x2 KCC_Equestrian_4_3x2 KCC_Equestrian_6_3x2Kirkwood Community College has an extremely successful equestrian program and the indoor riding corral is the focal point of much of the educational program. Therefore, the location of traditional classrooms with direct access to that corral is paramount. The addition to the building provides for 2 traditional classrooms with direct access to the main space to allow simultaneous teaching in both venues. In addition, more staff space was necessary to attend the classroom additions. The location is adjacent to one of the main entry doors to the corral and further allows for instruction for transferring animals on and off vehicles.

The building is a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) addition with standard interior office and classroom finishes and equipment and is separated from the existing facility with fire-rated construction. The exterior is clad with metal panels matching the existing facility and the appearance is as if it was part of the original project.

Cost: $260,000

Date: Occupied Fall 2008

Size: Nominal 2400 GSF