Kirkwood Community College – Ceramic Studio Remodel and Kiln Building

KCC_Kiln_4_3x2 KCC_Kiln_10_3x2KCC_Kiln_1_3x2 KCC_Kiln_3_3x2 Kiln_2_3x2 Kiln_4_3x2Kirkwood Community College needed to improve safety and serve the expanding needs of their ceramics program in their existing arts building. To achieve this, the college constructed a new stand-alone facility that could house all the various pieces of equipment as well as the bulk materials storage that are part of that program. This allowed the ceramics department to consolidate their equipment and storage from several locations within the arts building, and develop a safe efficient layout of those pieces with sufficient perimeter space to accommodate a teaching environment within the new facility.

The building is a stand-alone pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) with overhead doors at each end for equipment and bulk materials delivery, separated spaces for their different programmatic needs, fume and exhaust hoods for specific units and improved lighting for teaching purposes.

Cost: $202,000

Date: Occupied Fall 2007

Size: Nominal 2000 GSF