Cedar Rapids Federal Courthouse

Cedar_Rapids_Federal_Courthouse(3)_2x3 Cedar_Rapids_Federal_Courthouse(4)_3x2 Cedar_Rapids_Federal_Courthouse(5)_2x3The Justice Department Offices and Courthouse personnel formerly occupied 17 buildings in Cedar Rapids. With the new, nearly 300,000 SF facility, all of those offices will be under one roof. Ament Design’s civil design group provided design services for the new Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids.

Our firm provided utility design for the project, including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, gas line, etc., and had input on the site access.

Ament also provided topographic and boundary surveys of the 4-acre site and surrounding areas.  Ament also conducted traffic studies for the Federal Courthouse to determine its impact on the adjacent street network due to the vacation of an existing street. The study included an assessment of impacts on signal timing, signal progression, turn lane storage length requirements, parking, roadway lane configurations, intersection traffic control, truck route signing, and existing street corner radii dimension requirements.