Aquin Catholic School

Ament was hired as a consultant to provide an in-depth analysis of the 100-year old Aquin Catholic School, in Cascade, Iowa. Ament developed both a cost opinion to upgrade the building and developed six different new concepts for the board’s review. After the school board sought input from their parish, and met with Ament on their recommendations, they
decided that a new building would better fit their long-term needs and goals. The group wanted to provide a quality environment for students, along with additional space, and an attractive new entrance for students in the upper level grades. One of the school’s requests was to preserve an historical feature of the old structure, which was the main foyer arch.
The designs preserved the arch and incorporated it into the new building design as the main feature of the entrance. The entire structure was designed and constructed with insulating concrete forms, and meets Tornado Safe Room design standards.

Project Data
Cost – $3.5 Million
Size – 30,000 SF

Allen Varney AIA

Original Entrance Arch
Tornado Safe Room
Insulated forms

aquin_catholic_school_addition1_3x2 aquin_catholic_school_addition3_3x2aquin_catholic_school_addition2_3x2