All Saints Catholic Cemeteries

All_Saints_Catholic_Cemetery_Chapel(1)_3x2 All_Saints_Catholic_Cemetery_Chapel(2)_3x2The new building footprint reclaimed approximately 3-acres of usable land and is certified LEED-NC (New Construction) Gold. This is the first LEED certified building for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

“Green” site design includes providing parking spaces specifically designated for energy efficient and carpool vehicles, landscape vegetation that requires no irrigation, a construction recycling program reducing waste by 97%, and a green roof that works in concert with a stormwater detention system to manage water issues with minimal expenditure of energy.


• Civil Design

• Construction Inspection

Key Project Features:

• LEED-NC Gold Certified

• Storm Detention Facilities

Construction Cost: $6.25 Million (building and grounds)