Created by a group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones is installed in a densely forested site in the Pähni Nature Centre, near the Latvian border.

Over 50 per cent of the country is covered by forest – previous woodland projects there include a winding elevated pathway by Tetsuo Kondo Architects and a faceted woodland cabin by Jaanus Orgusaar.

The structures were built off-site by the students in Estonia’s Medieval capital Tallinn, before being transported to the site.



The megaphones were then positioned around a small clearing, creating a “bandstand” for the sounds produced within the forest.

Measuring three metres in diameter at their widest point, each structure is large enough to create a lounging spot for several people.

“The megaphone installation provides an excellent opportunity to experience the meeting of contemporary architectural space and wild nature, and it is freely accessible for foreigners as well as local travellers.”










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