As you watch the video, imagine that you have been given the task of defining the location and elevation of the pavement at approximate 75 foot intervals-locating the edge of each lane, centerline, and edge of paved shoulder. Using real time kinematic GPS receivers utilizing Virtual Reference Station, each of the five locations at each interval would require at least 5 to 10 seconds a piece. As you can tell, there are very few 10 second intervals without traffic on Interstate 80 reaching a mile into Illinois.

Ament Design worked with the Department of Transportation officials to determine the best method of obtaining the needed survey data. We considered rolling lane closures; however, with Interstate 280 construction underway in Iowa significant traffic is diverted to Interstate 80 and backups were likely to occur. This heavy traffic, plus the cost of equipment and labor to run the rolling lane closure lead to the decision to use our LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) equipment and expertise to obtain he needed survey data.

The benefits, as you can see, include no interference with traffic and safety for our surveyors as they operate off the edge of the roadway shoulder, spending only minimal time when necessary to move targets across the highway.

Ament Design- continually searching for accurate data collection methods with the top priority being safety.

P.S.- If you noticed the Hot Rods in this video you might find this link interesting!

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